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Puta que pariu! - Portuguese to English Translation

Contextual translation of "bunda que pariu" into English. Human translations with examples: what for?, after you stop, to that end, to, here they halted.

puta que pariu - English translation – Linguee

Translation of "puta que pariu" in English. Quero dizer, puta que pariu, isto é uma pocilga maior do que onde eu trabalhava. I mean, holy shit, this is a bigger dump than the one I worked in. Puta que pariu, você sabe também. Holy shit, you know too. Ela é uma péssima atriz, puta que pariu!

Using Portuguese Curse Words Is an Art Form - Portuguese

puta que pariu meaning Brazilian Slang Dictionary (Portuguese-English) interj. wow!; holy crap; shit! (used to express anger, suprise or amazement) Translate the Portuguese term puta que pariu! to other languages.

puta que pariu - Translation into English - examples

puta que pariu meaning Puta que o pariu - translated literally as "bitch that spawn him" - the range for this expression is wide, starting from analogies "knock on the wood", a very common practice, to "the Hell with him", when reffering to a non present person. As you ALL KNOWERS see, there is more to a word than its meaning.

what the meaning of Puta q pariu in portuguese? | Yahoo

puta que pariu meaning " Puta que pariu" (IU). It is an interjection and can denote surprise or emotional intensity. The term translates to "whore that has given birth to you", however it is used in situations that normally "son of a whore" is used, and vice versa.

PQP - What does PQP stand for? The Free Dictionary

Definition of puta que pariu in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of puta que pariu. What does puta que pariu mean? Information and translations of puta que pariu in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Puta que pariu meaning - A Dica do Dia, Free Portuguese

Queria que tivesses dito antes de toda essa coisa da puta. Yeah, it just - I just wish you had given me a heads-up before I went with the whole whore thing. Os italianos tratam-no como uma puta velha. The Italians have treated you like an old whore. Vamos atrás daquele filho da puta. Well go after the no-good son of a bitch, big time.

Translate puta que pariu from Portuguese to Italian

Translation for puta que pariu! in the free Portuguese-English dictionary and many other English translations.

PUTA QUE O PARIU! - Translation in English - bab.la

Contextual translation of "puta que pariu" from Portuguese into Italian. Examples translated by humans: cazzo!, bella, yo, oh merda!, al diavolo, che cazzo!, dannazione.

puta translation English | Portuguese dictionary | Reverso

puta que pariu (Portuguese) Alternative forms. puta que o pariu; Origin & history puta + que + pariu (prostitute who gave birth) Interjection puta que pariu (vulgar) damn it; Noun puta que pariu (fem.) (uncountable) (vulgar, figurative) bumfuck (a very remote place) Related words & phrases. PQP; pqp (internet) ponte que partiu; puta que la merda